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Portable Trade Show Displays Toronto Businesses Can Use at Alternative Venues

You can spend a good bit of time chasing consumers via the trade show circuit. Are there not enough niche-specific shows scheduled for your area to allow for a concerted action of introduction, presentation and follow-up? Are you looking for alternatives that allow you to present the portable trade show displays Toronto business owners have come to rely on? Sure, the trade show is a great place to meet prospective buyers, make peer contacts and catch the eye of the press. That said, alternative settings can sometimes give you added opportunities where previously there were none.

  • Hospitality events. Getting the customer to visit your showroom and interact with staff members in a low-key, low-stress way is an excellent opportunity for starting a dialog. Gear these events with your industry in mind. Host a golf tournament for your golf club business, a children’s carnival and fitness event for a gym or a Flamenco dance competition for your flooring company. Staff members mingle with the guests, participate in games and are on hand to answer product questions. Follow up with prior trade show contacts at these events. Use banner stands, tabletop displays and pop-up counters for product presentations.

  • Seminars and road shows. If your goal is to connect with vetted customers, hosting a seminar opens the doors to shoppers who are likely to buy your product. You choose your venue, room setup and control the multi-media presentation. Personalizing your presentation to the audience’s makeup is easy. When you take this show on the road to neighboring cities, it becomes a road show. The concept is similar but takes you away from your showroom. Choose this method to increase your online orders. Pop-up booths are key displays in these settings.

  • Truck tours. The big car companies do them. You can, too. Put together a suite of displays that you take to marketing hot spots. You pick the venues, choose the ideal dates and handle the publicity that benefits you alone. Once you arrive, you set up your product presentations, samples, portable trade show displays, and audio-visual components. This is a great opportunity to introduce your business, product or service nationwide.

Our experts can help you plan and execute all the logistics for your marketing, no matter what venue type you choose. Contact us to talk about exhibit planning, full furniture rental programs and a broad range of show services that makes your portable trade show displays look great anywhere at any time.

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