Custom Trade Show Displays

Versatile Custom Trade Show Displays

ExpoSystems offers a diverse range of custom trade show display options to suit every need. Our ExpoProfile Kits feature a lightweight and versatile modular rail system, crafted from 85% post-consumer recycled aluminum. This system allows for the creation of a limitless variety of exhibits, from simple counters and back walls to intricate towers and enclosures. With a standard anodized aluminum finish and the option of different powder-coated colors, ExpoProfile provides an excellent choice for adding custom touches to any exhibit. The system is also compatible with most similar systems, offering flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, our Edge Custom Displays offer the same lightweight and versatile qualities, allowing for limitless design possibilities. Lastly, our ExpoProfile KitZ, known as “Booth in a box,” provide a convenient and ready-to-go modular kit system, offering a unique and alternative display option for your exhibit needs. Whatever your vision may be, ExpoSystems has the perfect custom trade show display solution to make your exhibit stand out from the crowd.

Unleash Your Creativity with ExpoProfile

ExpoProfile empowers you to bring your trade show exhibits to life with its exceptional lightweight and versatile modular rail system, constructed from 85% post-consumer recycled aluminum. From sleek counters and captivating back walls to awe-inspiring towers and enclosures, ExpoProfile offers endless possibilities for creating unique and impactful exhibits. Choose from a standard anodized aluminum finish or explore various powder-coated colors to match your branding. With seamless compatibility with most similar systems, ExpoProfile enables you to add customized touches effortlessly.
This modular system not only enhances your creativity but also proves to be cost-effective and easily adaptable as your exhibit needs evolve. Effortless assembly using only a Torx wrench eliminates the need for additional tools, ensuring a quick and efficient setup. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, ExpoProfile is backed by our lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind.
While other aluminum profile systems may exist in the market, ExpoProfile stands as a proprietary solution with numerous advantages over traditional alternatives. Discover the ExpoProfile difference and unlock a world of innovation for your trade show displays.

Edge Modular Display System: Your Ultimate Custom Solution

Experience the epitome of versatility and innovation with the Edge Modular Display System. Crafted to perfection, this remarkable system combines durability and lightweight design, featuring an aluminum frame with a honeycomb core made from recycled materials. The panels are expertly finished with a laminate face, available in our standard stock finishes or specialized options, allowing you to achieve a truly customized look and feel.

Setting the Edge System apart is our unique Edge “side key” hooked connector, seamlessly connecting panels while discreetly concealing all connection hardware and cables. This intelligent design even holds true in double-sided configurations, maintaining a clean and professional aesthetic throughout. With an extensive range of laminate colors and finishes to choose from, the Edge system offers limitless possibilities for expressing your unique brand identity.
Assembly is a breeze, allowing you to focus on the creative process without any hassle. Embrace the convenience of modularity while enjoying a completely custom display that perfectly aligns with your vision. Elevate your trade show experience with the Edge Modular Display System, where innovation meets style, and customization knows no bounds.
Why Choose Edge:

ExpoProfile KitZ: Your All-in-One "Booth in a Box" Solution

Revolutionize your exhibit experience with ExpoProfile KitZ, the latest display option brought to you by ExpoSystems. These cutting-edge modular kit systems offer an exciting alternative when you’re seeking something truly unique for your exhibit needs. ExpoProfile KitZ provide the ultimate convenience with a ready-to-go “Booth in a Box” solution. Designed to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience, these modular kits combine simplicity with innovation, allowing you to effortlessly create captivating displays that leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to stand out at trade shows, events, or retail environments, ExpoProfile KitZ offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary. With versatile configurations and eye-catching designs, you can showcase your brand in an entirely new light. Step into the future of exhibiting with ExpoProfile KitZ, where convenience, creativity, and customization converge to elevate your display game to extraordinary heights. Experience the difference and set yourself apart from the crowd with this exceptional display option.

ExpoSystems Reviews

“They honestly go above and beyond to try to accommodate your every display need had so much fun visiting their show room they take the time to explain all materials and all the different solutions they offer. what i found to be helpful is they have all solutions from pop up stuff to custom stuff and they really work with you to find something you will love for the up coming years to come. they made the switch real easy for our women’s organization”

–Meela K. 1/20/2019

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