How Our Event Displays Services Work

Whether you’re creating a new company or redirecting your branding or updating your current signage to match your brand style, enjoy industry-leading quality with GraphiColor Exhibits. We offer a wide range of trade show exhibit companies services that can be tailored for your unique brand voice, industry and company culture.

Trade Show Exhibit Design

ExpoSystems has over 30 years experience in exhibition design and trade show exhibit design. Planning on attending a trade show in or around Toronto? Contact us today to find out how we can help you at your next event.

Trade Show Rentals

Clients from all around the globe have depended on us to create custom trade show rental solutions for exhibit venues in and around the Toronto area. We also have a full showroom of existing display pieces that would work perfect for your next event.

Trade Show Management

We can manage all or part of your trade show experience by offering you a wide range of services. This includes but is not limited to convention hall services, freight and logistics, on-site supervision and service order management.

Exhibit Storage

ExpoSystems offers complete trade show storage and logistics for your exhibit. Contact us to find out more about our exhibit storage capabilities.

Graphic Design

Find out why so many companies rely on ExpoSystems’s expert graphic design services as part of their branding efforts. Contact us today!

Event Signage

Whether it’s a stage backdrop, welcome banners, event signage, convention signage, way finding signs or portable information kiosks, we can produce the high-quality event signage your event deserves to have.

Designs With Innovation

A pretty picture on some poster board isn’t always enough to convince visitors to stop and engage with your booth. Try these ideas to capture people’s attention.
  • Provide a branded photo op: Turn pictures into dollars. Allow visitors to stop and take a selfie with a branded cutout or backdrop to get your brand in social media pictures as they’re uploaded to popular sites like Instagram or Facebook.
  • Use unique images: Using images on your displays that are different and interesting can encourage people to stop and take a look at your booth.
  • Take advantage of vertical space: At most trade shows vendors pay for a certain amount of floor space, not air space. This means you can design tall event displays to give you extra space as well as make your booth more visible to visitors across the venue.
    Incorporate technology: Finding new ways to make technology interactive while incorporating your brand and core values can be both intriguing to visitors and help your company stick in people’s minds.
    Think beyond the expected: Using a booth design with a different shape or odd angles can make it more interesting. A booth with curved walls, walls made from alternative materials or a booth with a few smaller individual sections such as tension fabric displays or retractable banner stands can allow you to tell a story about your brand and attract visitors at the same time. You can also set a mood for your booth with intriguing lighting, luxury materials or theme flooring.
    When you hire a professional exhibit company, you will have design help from a team of creative experts. This means all you need for an incredible booth display is an idea or theme, and the team can take it from a loose concept to an amazing display.

Event Displays

Do you want someone to handle the details of exhibit rental from venues for you? Do you need a few extra existing display pieces to make your booth stand out? A professional exhibit company can take the stress out of local trade shows.
You can hire a trade show display company like GraphiColor to run point on all the details of your booth from freight and logistics of your event displays to on-site supervision of the booth. After the show is over, an exhibit company can even pack everything up and store it at a secure warehouse until the next show.
When you choose a company with complete logistics services such as GraphiColor, all you have to do is communicate the event details and your display equipment will be shipped and set up for you. This means you won’t have to spend time on minor details and can focus on growing your brand and your business.

Trust Your Booth Design to Professionals

The design experts at GraphiColor can create exhibits customized to your brand and your needs. We work with you to make your booth concept a reality or help you brainstorm to figure out an incredible display. We take your budget into consideration and provide you with the best possible exhibit display. When you need trade show displays in Detroit, GraphiColor is the solution. Schedule a free exhibit design and consultation today to get a glimpse of how our talented team can make your trade show booth more appealing to visitors and generate excitement about your brand.
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